Diabetes Coaching with Ariel Warren

Work with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Certified Dietitian (CD), Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist (CDCES), author, speaker, but most importantly, has had T1D for over 25 years.

Whether you’re looking to sort out your blood sugar swings, finetune your MEI or pump settings, understand how to exercise and eat for optimized control, improve your relationship with food, increase your energy, or feel better overall and finally feel in control of your life, I know the root solutions to change your habits is to design a way of eating and managing your diabetes that is completely unique to your lifestyle — all backed by science.

I believe that the true purpose of a healthy management style is to give you support, education and the right settings to create major shifts — not just with your A1c, but your wellbeing.

When you create a healthy lifestyle and a deep understanding of YOUR diabetes, likes and dislikes, food sensitivities, how you react to certain foods, bolus methods, how you exercise and your insulin sensitivity, how your daily stressors affect your control, you can FINALLY transform your body, health, and life for years, rather than days.

Together, we’ll uncover what your wellness vision is — what healthy looks like for you, but more importantly, why you want that in your life — and create an actionable path to bring that vision to life.

How Can I help you?

Below are my area specialties as a Dietitian and a Diabetes Educator

  • Pump “Shopping”: A highly personalized consultation to help you determine the right pump for you.
    • I work with Tandem, Medtronic, Insulet (Omnipod), and Looping (off-label)
  • Fine-Tuning Pump Settings​: We will tweak all your settings (basals, correction factor(s), carb ratio(s)) so they are fully customized to your needs and routine. 
  • Control IQ Tandem Software Update: To teach you how to make the most with your recent update and how to achieve your goal time in range while using CIQ. 
  • Nutrition for Better Blood Sugar and Healthy Weight Loss: We will go over how your current nutrition is helping and hurting your diabetes and weight-related goals. You will then learn how to make changes that you can stick with for sustainable results.
  • Exercise and Blood Sugar Management: We will cover how the different types of exercise affect your blood sugar and insulin dosing, best strategies to reduce the roller coasters, and how to treat to prevent exercise-induced lows.
  • Pump and CGM Reports: We will go over how to use your reports, how to identify trends, and how to make data-driven setting adjustments. 
  • Pregnancy and Preconception: We will create a step-by-step plan so you can reach the glycemic targets (premeal, postmeal, fasting) specified by the American Diabetes Association for a healthy pregnancy. Expect total hand-holding as you learn the proper nutrition for momma and baby, how to reach the strict glycemic targets, be able to adjust insulin settings due to increased insulin resistance, and what to expect during each trimester of your pregnancy.

*All sessions are virtual so we can talk from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Getting Started: To get started working together, you will first need to sign up for an initial consultation. Which you can sign up for by clicking on the “SCHEDULE NOW” button.

After the first consultation, you can sign up for follow-ups as needed.

After Scheduling: After you select a time a day that works for you, you will be sent a welcome email along with a nutrition assessment form. Please fill out that form so I can better analyze your management style before we talk. Don’t worry about being extremely detailed, we talk in much greater detail during our session together.

About Pricing: As for pricing, the first assessment is necessary (and mandatory) and is $150, while follow-ups are $100X. The additional cost with the first initial assessment is due to the outside time required so I can fully analyze your management and needs.

If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flex Savings Account (FSA) you are likely able to use it for our session. If you do not have an HSA or FSA card, I am happy to email you a superbill for you to send to your insurance for reimbursement. 

Currently accepting new clients, however limited spots remain.

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